Subject    :    Oral presentations
Writer ICDM2014
Date 2014-08-28 19:49:05 Hit 2,021
Dear presenting authors

Thanks for your active participation in the meeting!

Oral presenters are supposed to completely submit their slide-deck in advance. However some authors may re-upload their presentation slides or polish up their works onsite. Due to the fact that each of the allotted presentation time is rapidly and shortly runs authors must visit the speaker’s preview room at least 2 hours before. 
Please refer to the downloads.
Thank you.
File1 Oral presentation list.pdf Oral presentation list.pdf (Down 656)

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Notice : Oral presentations Oral presentations ICDM2014 2,021 2014-08-28
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3 Travel grant notice ICDM2014 2,404 2014-06-20
2 Registration / Abstract submission ICDM2014 2,111 2014-06-20
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