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The 2014 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism welcomes all of individuals relating to the diabetes and metabolism field. The meeting’s base is the autumnal conference of Korean Diabetes Association which was annually held in format of local multi-day scientific meeting. It was organized in 2011 as the international scientificmeeting aiming to expand the range of the KDA’s activities.



-Title: 2014 International Conference on Diabetes Metabolism

-Date: 16~18 October 2014

-Venue: KINTEX Ilsan, Gyeonggido, Korea

-Language: English

-Host: Korean Diabetes Association

(Korean Diabetes Association) / (Conference Secretariat of ICDM 2014)



-Original scientific program

-Best speakers

-Instructive topics

-Low price registration fee

-Travel grant opportunity



Important dates

-Abstract submission: 1 July ~ 4 August

-Pre-registration: 1 July ~ 25 August


An official call for abstracts and registration will be announced on 1 July via our website.


Welcome message

It is our great honor to invite you to the ICDM 2014 on behalf of the Korean Diabetes Association. This autumn symposium
will be held in Kintex in Ilsan from Thursday 16 to Saturday 18, October 2014.


After starting off as an international symposium in 2011, the 4th anniversary of this symposium will be accompanied by
more than 1500 distinguished researchers from 20 different countries, creating a much more productive and active environment.


The plenary lectures will be given by Dr. Jay H. Chung from NIH, Professor Steven Kliewer from the University of Texas,
Southwestern, USA and Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi from University of California, Irvine, USA. The main symposium consists of 14 sessions comprising basic and clinical researches on diabetes and metabolism. Various topics were selected by the organizing committee to cover diverse interests of the attendees.


The Korean Diabetes Association will endeavor to provide all attendees of the symposium with vast academic information and accommodate an environment for researchers to build up new relationships. In addition, travel grants are provided for young researchers from all over the world, to help them join this attractive meeting.


Lastly, we would like to thank you all for your attention and interest in ICDM 2014 and we dearly wish that you could spare some of your precious time to attend this symposium and honor us with your presence. We look forward to seeing you in Korea during this refreshing autumn.

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